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4 Ways to dress up your deck with outdoor cushions in Dubai

Outdoor Cushions DubaiAlthough Dubai has an array of things to offer this summer starting from hopping onto an abra to chilling out in Jumeirah Beach, but an easy and laidback way to embark on a summer getaway is to hangout in your garden area. That’s not only light on pocket but also packed with family fun. So, if you just made your mind to arrange one outdoor fun this weekend, start refurbishing your garden and deck. How? Well, ways are many. You just have to scroll down the blog to unearth some cool ideas.

The comfy look and feel

Outdoor furniture should be comfortable. To make your outdoor comfy, you can get hold of some exquisite outdoor cushions in Dubai that are made of best quality fabrics. Choose from a range of color options that harmonizes with the outdoor setup. If you have a unique taste you can also customize the cushions according to your taste. There are few selected companies that offer customized home décor in Dubai.

Elevated deck to impress

Give your completely flat yard a twist with slightly elevated deck. This will add dimension to outdoor with an appearance of having two separate rooms, each dedicated for different purposes like kids room, lounge area etc. You can stylize it further by adding cubical curtains.

Say ‘Yes’ to uniform color

If you want to unify the feel of your décor, stick to two or three colors and not more than that. A punch of blue and green adds a refreshing feel without distracting from the outdoor beauty. Here, flooring also plays a crucial role. So, make sure you also unify the color of your wooden floor with rest of the décor.

Bring in some water element

If your yard doesn’t have a pool, you can still mingle on summer fun by installing an outdoor water fountain. You can also make it yourself by terracotta clay pots and a submersible fountain pump. Also, you can create a mini water garden in a container and move it to the place where you have made the arrangements for sitting.

So, if you intend to create a beautiful outdoor for summer parties, you need state-of-the-art home furnishings in Dubai… and not to forget pillows. A collection of cushy and bright pillows add zing to your deck.


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